Food Colorant

Synthetic Indigo as a Food Colorant

Food dyes are chemical substances that were created to enhance the appearance of food, giving it a bright, appealing color. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved seven artificial dyes for food, one of them being synthetic indigo. Synthetic indigo is used as a food and beverage colorant, and it is commonly represented as Blue No. 2. This dye is most frequently found in candy and beverages due to the vibrant blue hue that it offers, which is used to attract customers, mainly children. Because artificial colorants are made from petroleum, it is not advised to consume dyes in large quantities overtime. Even though toxicology studies have shown that artificial dyes are relatively safe, the Center for Science in the Public Interest have argued that artificial colorings can be linked to attention deficit disorder. While there is little scientific studies or evidence that connects artificial food dyes to health issues, there are accounts from those who believe there is an association between artificial food dyes and behavioral issues.